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Attendance Policies

The Pendleton County Attendance Policy allows for a limited number of excused attendance events, providing the responsible student and parent some flexibility, but also providing consequences for unexcused attendance events.  Excessive unexcused attendance events including absences, tardies, late arrivals and or early dismissals may contribute to a loss of credit for the semester and may include a refferral to the Juvenile court for habitual truant or educational neglect.

A few reminders:
  • Parent notes are accepted for up to 7 events per school year.  Additional events may be deemed unxcused without the proper documentation including but not limited to a certified doctors note.
  • A student has up to 5 days to turn in a note upon his/her arrival back to school.
  • Make-up work for missed days is the sole responsiblity of the student not the teachers.  Students with excused attendance events should see their teacher the day they return to school to start the make-up process.